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We believe that our past work and experience speak for themselves. Our portfolio includes projects of a wide variety of uses, complexity, size, and locations across the United States with both public sector entities and private developers and investors.
New Quincy Center
Quincy, Massachusetts
New Quincy Center, Quincy, MA
New Quincy Center, Quincy, MA

Street-Works is reviving this historic downtown district into the thriving center of shopping and commerce that it once was.

As a key component of the visioning, approvals and redevelopment processes, Street-Works has woven together all of Quincy’s outstanding assets including its historic significance, transit accessibility, proximity to Boston and miles of waterfront, along with untapped density.

When completed, the 40-acre, $1.2 billion redevelopment of downtown Quincy will include approximately 500,000 square feet of retail, 700,000 square feet of office, a 155,000-square foot Wellness Center and health club, a 100,000-square foot academic use, civic uses, a cinema, and approximately 1,100 residential units.

With over $250 million of City, State and Federal funding, downtown Quincy’s redevelopment is a exceptional model for public/private partnerships.

For more information see NewQuincyCenter.com.