Turn Sound Off

Street-Works is a real estate company that develops for its own account and offers development consulting services to others.

As developers:

We have completed more than $1 billion in mixed-use development over the past 25 years. In the next several years, we will double this figure, as we work on more than $2 billion in urban mixed-use development.

As consultants:

We have been actively involved in complex real estate projects worth over $10 billion. Our expertise is multi-disciplinary, intricately combining our first-hand experience in:

  • Market analysis and leasing;
  • Regulatory entitlements;
  • Real estate law;
  • Capital markets;
  • Public-private financing;
  • Master planning and design; and
  • Construction.

Street-Works’ specialty and passion is creating dynamic, award-winning, and successful built environments for residential, retail, office and public uses. We have participated in the creation of more than 90 of these places across the country with both public and private sector partners.